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    Chase & District Skate Park Needs your Votes

    Our Town is looking for any help we could use, to blast out our amazing news about a voting day contest for funds towards our very own Chase & District Skate park, that has been in the works for many years but hard for a small town to fundraise large dollar goals for our Skate park!!

    We are so happy to make it to the Final Four in the Kraft Heinz Project Play Contest!!! We have a shot at winning $250,000, which would make our long-time dream of getting a skate park into a reality! A day long Canada-wide vote begins July 25th 2016 at www.kraftheinzprojectplay.com Please Vote for Chase That day, voting will take place Online -  for a 24 hour period starting 9:00am July 25th till 9:00am on the 26th. Please Vote, & Vote as many times as you can. we could sure use everyone's Support. :) 

    Everyone invited to join our Online Voting event on facebook too & click "Going" so you will get a reminder on - when and how to vote!!! ‪& Promoting everyone to take pictures of Skating & supporting us by posting all over Facebook, Twitter, & instagram, with hashtags #‎ChooseChase‬  ‪#‎placetoplay‬ ‪#‎khpp_chaseskatepark  To Help even more :D

    Chase Skate Park Facebook page link below 


  • Skamana X-Country Ski & Snowshoe Club

    January/Febuary 2016 - Bulletin Board:

    SKMANA X-C SKI & SNOWSHOE CLUB would like to invite you and a friend to
    join us every Friday in January and February for an afternoon of X-C
    Skiing or Snowshoeing at Skmana. We will alternate activities each
    Friday afternoon starting with X-C Skiing on January 8th, Snowshoeing on
    January 15th and so on. Please meet at the Skmana Parking Lot for a 1:30
    p.m. start. Memberships are available at G-Force for $30/year or a user
    fee of $5/day will be required. We do have some complimentary X-C Ski
    equipment available at G-Force as well as Snowshoes for purchase. Any
    donations of equipment would be greatly appreciated. Come out and give
    it a try ... you just might like it!!! Please contact Patricia Simpson
    at 250-679-3951 for further information.

    Skamana Ski & Snowshoe Club, Website below;


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    Essential Avalanche Safety Equipment Video

    It is very important for snowmobilers & any back country enthusiast to be prepared before playing in Avalanche Risk area's & to carry the recommended safety equipment necessary keeping yourself as well as your party safe. 

    We offer a great Selection of products from Backcountry Access, a well known brand with their Avalanche Safety Products.

    Here is a great video Demonstrating some key avalanche safety equipment that should be with you in the backcountry.   




  • A Perfect Camping Treat

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