About Us: 

Hello we are G-Force Sports & Board Shop, which is a little retail store in our small home town of Chase BC. We are nestled in the beautiful Shuswap region, and more specifically in the town of Chase, which is built on the edge of the Little Shuswap Lake at the beginning of South Thompson River, and along side the Trans Canada Highway #1.

G-Force Sports Opened it’s doors in the Spring of 2006, operating as G-Force Board Shop specific to Boarding sports, But then have been transforming, changing and growing with the times throughout the years ever since. G-Force Sports & Board Shop, we refer to most for a all in one name, as now it revolves around numerous outdoor sports. First starting out in the Snowboarding, Wakeboarding, & skateboarding scene, but have evolved into offering Clothing, Gear, & Accessories as well, for Snowshoe, Cross Country Ski, Biking, ATV, and Snowmobile Sports now too. 

Some of Our many Brands include; Dakine, Fox Riders Co, Metal Mulisha, Nomads Hempwear, Dragon Alliance, Merrell, FXR Gear & Apparel, Prana Living, Crocs, BCA-Backcountry Avalanche Safety, K2 Snowboarding, Powder Room, Ripzone, Slednecks, Soul Comfort Sheepskin Products, Gordini, Smith, Forcast, Suncloud, Along with numerous lines of Skateboard Brands & Accessories.

As G-Force Sports Shop, we take a tremendous amount of pride in our close personal relationships with our clients, making us a gem of a small business. This also give’s us an advantage with many things if not in stock throughout the store, the ability to order custom specific products for customers and their needs is a great option to offer everyone.

We are a local small shop that has amazing products & service, and we look very forward to working with all our customers in store as well as on the online world now, throughout this New Year for us with this brand new E-Commerce website for 2016.